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Pauley Pavilion court submerged as UCLA campus suffers flooding

Posted July 30, 2014

A water main broke on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, sending torrents of water into UCLA’s campus. The school’s legendary arena, Pauley Pavilion, and its football team’s practice field were flooded.

From a report in the Los Angeles Times:

Three and half hours after the flooding began, about an inch of water remained on the wood court of Pauley Pavilion. Those at the scene said at that its peak water was as deep as three or four inches at a facility that underwent a $136-million renovation, completed in 2012. A new synthetic turf was installed on Spaulding Field the same year.

From the Associated Press:

People saw the water and started rushing down the stairwells to rescue their cars, and authorities had to keep them out as water rose up to the wheel wells of vehicles, many of which were stranded, city fire spokesman Brian Humphrey said.

Firefighters have been searching cars in the structures to make sure they haven’t lost anybody who was inside, Humphrey said. No injuries have been reported.