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    • The Kansas City Chiefs current success is adding to the electric atmosphere game day experience at Arrowhead Stadium. The iconic facility remains a great piece of classic 1970's stadium architecture. It's often easy for one to shake one's head dismissively when an old timer says, "They sure don't build 'em like that anymore," but in the case of Arrowhead, it's true. Recent renovations haven't tarnished the stadium's integrity, and it is undeniable that the additional concourse space makes attending games more pleasant. The tailgating experience is top-notch, where the surrounding parking lot is filled with families enjoying food and drink. I have to say, there's always a few fans who have enjoyed a one too may libations, but most fans police themselves and contribute to the overall positive Arrowhead Stadium experience. Make it a point and attend Arrowhead! Charles, Kansas City
    • Reviewed: 921 Days ago
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