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Fenway ParkBoston Red Sox

4 Yawkey Way, Boston, MA, 02215

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    • Fenway Park, an older but remodeled venue has a certain charm and appeal. But it has limitations as well. It's extraordinarily crowded. The aisles, the concessions, the washrooms are packed to the brim. The fans are pure Red Sox. In fact insane Red Sox su
    • Reviewed: 1798 Days ago
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    • Pros of the ballpark: The atmosphere was amazing. It was my first time at Fenway and it was great. After hanging out at the pub right behind the "green monster," tossing back what else but the local libation favorite libation Samuel Adams you just have a twenty feet walk right through the sea of Red Sox nation till you get to the entrance. Once you get in its almost like any other great baseball sporting event. If you are one of the lucky ones and are able to attend highly sought after three game series with the Yankees, then the intensity of Fenway Park is even greater! The game that I caught was against a 2002 game against the Mariners. Once you make your way to your seat, you're just amazed with how intense Red Sox fans are about their team. There were many fights and drunk people getting crazy everywhere and people just going nuts about anything. Not matter where you're sitting, Fenway is definitely a must visit ballpark. Cons of the ballpark: At the time I went, security was really tight. And maybe it can get annoying when there are constant fighting going on during a game. During the game that I went to there were five fights. Security was just nuts that night. Additional Comments: If you're planning on seeing a game at Fenway there are couple of things that you have to do prior to and after the game. First make sure you get to Fenway atleast three hours before game time. Before the game, head over to the pub that sits directly behind the Green Monster. You can't miss it. That bar is just filled with nothing but Red Sox memorabilia so if you hate the Red Sox this is definitely not the pub for you. After the game is over, make sure you don't make any plans because all you need for a awesome night is all right there. There are tons of clubs right down Fenway as well as some kick ass bars. There is one mini brewery that is adjacent to Fenway and is definitely the worst place you could even think about going. There local concoction consists of water down beer laden with raisins. Trust me, this is just absolutely freakin' terrible. Other than that, the place is a pretty nice place to hangout at. But just remember that there are just a ton of things to do around that area. Plus if you're hungry there are fastfood restaurants just right around the corner.
    • Reviewed: 1464 Days ago
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    • So it was just okay
    • Reviewed: 1453 Days ago
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    • The oldest major league venue lives up to it's storied history. A trip to Fenway brings back stories of the past mixed with a pleasant updating of the present. The fans are just what you expect, strong, vocal and passionate. The best word you can use to describe the setting is intimate. Fans here have a relationship with the game, the players and the venue. Concessions are good. Value is fair. But overall an outstanding place to view a game.
    • Reviewed: 1228 Days ago
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