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Honda CenterAnaheim Ducks

2695 E. Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA, 92806
    The Honda Center is home to the NHL's Anaheim Ducks. It opened in 1993 with construction costs of $123 million. In addition to hockey, Honda Center has been the home to arena football, basketball, and concerts. The center was also the location where the movie "Mighty Ducks" was filmed. The stadium can seat up to 17,174 people for hockey games, 18,336 for basketball games, and about 18,500 for concerts. There are 83 suites at the center. The first performer at the Honda Center was Barry Manilow. Honda Center is proud to say that over 31 million people have entered the Honda Center. The stadium is built for an intimate feeling with the furthest seat away being only 83 feet high. The time it takes to set up the stadium for ice hockey is approximately 30 hours but it only takes 8 hours to switch the set up for a concert.

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    • Honda Center
      2695 E. Katella Ave   Anaheim, CA 92806
      Call at (714) 704-2400

    Venue Details

    • 1993
    • City of Anaheim
    • Indoor
    • Populous
    • Honda Corporation
    • Anaheim Arena, Arrowhead Pond of
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 8 by entrances
    • Ice
    • 17174


  • ATMs


    • (01:30:00)

      • South east and front entrances
      • Yes
  • Parking:

    • Surrounding facility - Lots - Ducks

      • 15
      • No
    • Surrounding facility - Lots - Conce

      • 20
      • No
    • Surrounding facility - Lots - Ducks

      • 25
      • No
    • Surrounding facility - Lots - RV pa

      • 30
      • No
  • Tickets

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    Upcoming Events

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  • Merchandise:

    • Ducks Merchandise

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    • The Club Deli

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  • Policies

    General Info

    • Y
    • Metal detector wanding and bag check, vehicles subject to search
    • Y
    • Must exit building

    Carry-In Restrictions

    • Small hand held cameras allowed, no video
    • Not allowed
    • Allowed
    • Not allowed
    • Not allowed
    • Suites only, general admission not allowed
    • No briefcases or laptops, small bags allowed
    • Not allowed

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    • I have been to the Honda Center more than a handful of times- even back when it was called The Pond. My most recent visit was the Duck’s opener in the Western Finals against the hated Blackhawks. What a game. I’ve never heard the Honda Center louder! Orange County fans have come a long way in fully understanding and appreciating professional hockey. I was here in 1993, the Ducks’ inaugural season, and fans were just learning about offsides and icing. I remember one fan even questioning that they forgot to play the fourth period! I’ve taken notice that a number of fans have complained about the reliability of the seat cup holders. I didn’t have any issues, although my beer almost was a casualty as I jumped out of my seat during the Ducks’ second goal. We shuttled to the game from a nearby bar and didn’t have to pay the 25-dollars top park. I’d recommend that to anyone looking to save a few dollars. The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches at the Burger Bistro are simply the best. I’ll be back at the Honda Center for Game 4 in the series against the Blackhawks--with an eye on the Wahoo Fish Tacos! Go Ducks! ------ Vic in San Diego ----
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