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Ryan FieldNorthwestern Wildcats

1501 Central Street, Evanston, IL, 60201
    Ryan Field is located in Evanston, Illinois on the Northwestern University campus. It was formerly known as Dyche Stadium. It is home to the Northwestern Wildcats football team of the Big Ten Conference. The current seating capacity is 47,130 and the playing surface is natural grass. Ryan Field is owned and operated by Northwestern University.

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    Construction started in the spring of 1926 and was completed later that year. The original seating capacity was 25,000. In 1949 the stadium was expanded by a horseshoe structure at the south end and again in 1952. This increased the seating capacity to 49,256 and with temporary bleachers sometimes used on the north end rose to the capacity to 55,000. In 1961 a press box and an elevator to the second deck were installed. In 1973 Tartan Turf was installed to replace the grass field. In 1994 the artificial turf was replaced with AstroTurf being the last renovation of the “old” Dyche Stadium. In 1996-1997 the stadium (Dyche Stadium) underwent major reconstruction which included a redesign of the stadium. Reopening in the fall of 1997 the stadium did so with a new name – Ryan Field. In 1997 in honor of Patrick G. Ryan family, chairman of Northwestern’s Board of Trustees and contributions given, the field was named Ryan Field. The 1996 renovations included new seating, replacing the turf field with natural grass and a three level structure on the west end which houses the stadium club and media. The renovation also included football locker room, sports medicine center and equipment room.


    • Ryan Field
      1501 Central Street   Evanston, IL 60201
      Call at (847) 491-7887

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    • 1926
    • Northwestern University
    • Outdoor
    • Jones Gamble Rogers
    • Pat Ryan
    • Dyche Stadium
    • No
    • No
    • Grass
    • 49256


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    • I enjoy going to games at Ryan Field. It is not state of the art for fan conveniences. It is not loaded with suites. It is old school. There are no bad seats. Obviously the Northwestern Wildcats are not the Chicago Bears. Northwestern is one of the greatest academic institutions in America. This means the fans are LAID BACK!! They want the Cats to win, but it does not ruin their day if they do not. They are used to football losses. Makes the wins more special. It is a great place to spend an Autumn day. Unlike attending Bears games, the odds of the fan behind you being blind drunk and vomiting on you are next to nothing. Also unlike Bears games, the odds of the fans near you having an undergraduate degree at Northwestern games is good, unless they are children. The place is great for kids. Family friendly. Also unlike Bears games, you need not fear some intoxicated goof in a Bears jersey standing up and cursing the refs. opposing team or opposing fans. These people have PERSPECTIVE. They have no need to live vicariously through athletes!!! Bobblehead B.
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